Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Ok.

I'm starting to blog.

Signed up for Blogger. My BFF recommended it. 
Figured out an awesome title. I think my title is good....enough. Lol. It's Love and Pancakes.<3

Now I should write. 

Love. Love has found its way to my heart. Yes it did. Struck right here, deep within. I was happy before without it. Never realized that now that I am in love, I could be happier. I am happier. :) It's love when you just can't explain it. You just wish it would last. I wish it would. I'm making wishes every now and then, like at 11:11pm. *wink wink*

Pancakes. What a nice name! <3 My favorite food anytime of the day. I love pancakes for breakfast, gotta have them for breakfast. Pancakes, honey and coffee are just the right combination. You should also know that I love cooking. I cook whenever I have free time, usually on Saturdays. Filipino food is my forte -- kare kare, sinigang, pinakbet, nilaga, tinola, Pinoy-style pasta, leche flan and the list goes on. I find time to cook, take pictures then post them on Facebook. Then I get private messages from my friends asking for the recipes. :) 

Beware. This blog also contains religious and biblical thoughts. I am a Sunday School teacher and I have been brought up in a Missionary Baptist church. I devote some time to pray, attend Wednesday and Sunday services and share about God's word whenever I can. I feel that people truly love me when they can embrace the fact that I talk about God. I'm not religious. I just think I'm a normal church-goer.

End. This is my first post. I hope its good enough.

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