Friday, February 3, 2012

Daily Reading | Who's Praying?

From my Daily Bread

I read my Daily Bread before going to sleep but unlike what the title of the book implies, I don't read what's written for the day. Instead, before opening it I whisper to God and say "Lord, what is your message for me today?" .... then there I start reading. Most of the time I feel like what I've read is really related to how I feel or experience during the day - if I need encouragement, if I feel down, if I feel blessed and all that.

God is good. He hears my prayers I know. Every Wednesday me and my mom we attend prayer meetings and there are a lot of things that God has already given me, a lot of answered prayers. I don't only pray for myself, I also pray for a lot of my loved ones. Recently I just had two answered prayers, I'm blessed.

I'm not perfect for I am a sinner but knowing that God still hears my prayer is just astonishing. I am so happy. 

Thank you Lord for always being there for me, for still caring for me and loving me, for hearing my prayers. I am a sinner there is no doubt about that, I am not worthy and I always ask for your forgiveness. Thank you so much Lord for loving me. I love you Lord. In my life I ask you to take control, guide me always and give answers to my prayers with all these I ask that not my will but THY WILL BE DONE. Amen.

In our church, they taught us this format in praying: It's called ACTS.


We all should pray. God gives us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a simple prayer won't take long. How often do you pray? God loves to hear from you, He wants us to talk to Him through prayer. Start the habit of praying before going to sleep and upon waking up. Pray also anytime of the day when your soul needs a lift.


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