Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Janfest! | Moi Birthday

I turned 20++ :)) last Monday, January 30. Celebrated it with my college classmates / friends last Saturday. We usually do this "--fest" thing during the months of December and January wherein the birthday celebrants for the said months share expenses and celebrate our birthdays with the group. This has been going on from our early college days and still running up to this day. We graduated yearrrssss back. :p

As for last Saturday, Ryan was in charge for the drinks and liquor, Irene for the cake and yours truly for the fooooood. *wink wink*

Here are our pictures below:
Roast beef
Vegetable Salad and Mayo-Curry Dip

Sizzling Sisig

Food :)

Chinese Style Cream Dory in Light Soy Sauce

Red Sauce Spaghetti

College Friends - AUF CS4-1




Making my wish <3


Ginger and Scary

Posh and Scary

Spices - Missing Ate Ina and Raizza


janiscooking said...

happy birthday and i'm glad you and your friends enjoyed the cream dory dish. mukhang masarap ang spread mo. parang nagpa-cater! congrats and happy birthday again :)

umbRela said...

Awww. I'm flattered. :) Thanks! I read some more of your recipes this afternoon and I'm planning on trying them soon. Cooking makes me happy and a good comment from you means a lot to me. Thanks! <3